Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Daughter

When I look at you, I can remember your younger years in a flash. Your energy, smile, loving attraction for kids and the elderly. Your will to learn about positive and productive things. I particularly recall the fact that at age 3 you could identify the states on the map just by the shape. You developed a sense of style early on and took pride in your appearance. I hardly every had to ask you to clean up or do your chores, because you usually had it done without me asking.
Being the elder child a lot was expected and you definitely set the bar high. I missed that about you. I lost you along the way. Becoming an adult has not been easy for you in the kind of world we live in today. I did my best to teach you and hoped with knowing my mistakes you would  know the do's and don'ts.
You are now 26 years old with your own child and just went through open heart surgery to save your life. I hope that you realize that life is precious and worth living and living well. Beware of those things that may come into your life that is not of God. Be led by the spirit and trust God in all that you do.
I've missed you and I pray to God daily for your salvation. God is a redeemer and can restore you physically and mentally. Let your second chance be your new beginning. Your scares will heal, but you will remember why you have the scares when you look at yourself in the mirror. Not in shame, but with victory.
Let your testimony be heard to help others and to spread the gospel. It is important to let others know how the devil deceived you and almost killed you.
You are beautiful and I love you.