Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of 2014

This year has been an eye opener for me. God gives us work to do by spreading the good news. I have learned to spend time in places with people who are willing to change. 

I learned to let the wrong go for the right. Yeah we know the saying , but when you have to choke up an apology and consult with God about know that you are doing what's right.

Being thankful for what is and always mustering up an idea to get to the next level. I refuse to stay down! Every situation, conflict, accomplishment helped me learn  more about me. My faith is everything.

Pieces came together for me in 2014.   There is a big picture awaiting in my future. I will reach many people. I will help save lives and I am not a MD! God has given me the tools and I will continue do the work. I'm ready!!!

Life is a lesson learned daily, with God I am a student and a teacher.

Pray and believe for what you want out of life. Never give up on your dreams.