Saturday, October 10, 2015


Have you ever been part of madness? The kind of madness when the devil is attacking your family? You want to do something so bad to change the situation to stop the pain and gain control. We exhaust ourselves and it's not very realistic when you think about it.

This is the time we pray and give it to God. Praying for peace and embracing the positive is what will get you through.

Both my daughters almost died. My son is currently in prison. Talk about hurt and pain. I held on to God's promises and let my faith get me through.

Today I don't sweat the small stuff, because I am so grateful for life. I can see my children and have a chance to worship with them. We discuss issues as needed and support one another. It's not perfect but it works. I could not imagine my life without the connection, to be able to love the three lives I was blessed with.

The devil tried to destroy my love ones, but God has another plan. It's bigger than all of us and we are recovering and building daily. Prayer is the source and Faith is the key.