Monday, July 15, 2013

Young Black Men

Young black men in America beware of the stereotype that leads to profiling of dark skin males.

Society has painted a picture of our young black men as lazy and criminals.

Young black men should be able to live and frequent wherever they desire. Unfortunately some don't want you to be apart of their community, schools, or churches.

Education is the key. Educate yourselves about laws, civil rights, politics and social economics.

Make sure the way you want to be perceived reflects your appearance. I know you can wear what you want, but all dress should be appropriate. (Yes pull those pants up)

Association is everything. By the age of 18 hanging out with friends will be over. Just because you  have a white girlfriend doesn't mean you are not viewed as a NIGGER. And don't get it twisted, you will be snitched on if something should go down.

Get involved in YOUR community and help the next little black boy growing up in this cruel world.

The truth will only be told by those effected by racism. We are Black Americans living in White America.

It's the 21st century and lynching is  against the law, but we  are still lynched by INJUSTICE.

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