Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is It Really Unfair?

When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation we fail to reflect on how we got to that point.

Our first thought is to possibly blame others for our messes. The other is just plain denial.

Is it unfair that the way others may view us or treat us based on our behavior.

Disobedience brings on a lot of weight. Our actions have consequences and we must be ready to deal with that.

NOT living in the Will of God will put your fate in a state of unfairness. It's not fair that people talk to you that way. It's not fair that your spouse won't listen to you. It's not unfair that you feel under attack all of the time and it's not even your fault.

You can not  purge the sin, because we don't know how to recognize to prepare for our spiritual wholeness in the Lord.

This is the time to talk to God. Your relationship with God will see you through and condition your mind to be able to out think the enemy.

So know this, that if you are one to claim unfairness you need to understand how you got yourself in a situation to have this afflicted on you in the first place. Be realistic about your actions and learn from your mistakes.

God is Love, Trust in Him.

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