Monday, June 8, 2015



You bring me joy and fill my heart with love, as I have seen you grow into such a beautiful, spirit-filled young lady.
You're turning 18 and the overwhelming feeling of being grateful about this time, you will never know just how much.
God gave you to me and I finally got it right. Pouring into you the things a mother should. Guiding you with God's love and teaching you
 to love no matter what.
 I admire your drive, ambition and the knowledge of life and where you are headed with your own life.
You have made me proud to be your mother. I pray that God keeps me to see you accomplish your desires.
You will make a difference in other lives as you pursue your education and efforts as a doctor.
Never let nothing seperate you from the love of God and always remember to remember someone else.

I Love You,

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