Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tears Fall

Tears fall, Tears fall when it hurts,
Tears fall when there's pain.
Tears fall when the heavens open up
and a soul returns again.

Tears falling are like gray skies and rainy days,
they wash away.
They wash away the sadden heartaches.
They wash away the sorrows of the regret.
They wash away the sufferings of today
and of no tomorrows and everything after.

But the beauy of this is...there's life after.
When the body dies the soul lives.
It lives in peace.
It lives in bliss.
It lives in a rest of paradise, waiting to be born again.

So why shed tears of sorrow for something so beautiful?
You should pour out tears of joy,
knowing that there's life after,
knowing that one day you and all your love
ones will unite once again.

So next time your tears fall let them fall,
of joy and not strain.
Let them fall of happiness and not pain.
Let them fall, and fall, and fall again.

Poem TF0715 By: Wyatt Wright

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