Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Family

Family is everything to me. Family will tell you like it is. Family will make you mad. Family will be there when others turn their back. The love you cannot ever replace and you can never live without.

If you have family embrace the love. We are all different and can be difficult, but you know that family is forever. Forever in love and support, no matter how mad you made someone in the past.

I have a mother who stood by me in countless ordeals and situations. She gives the kind of love to me where I truly Thank God to have her in my corner. Now don’t get me wrong I have been told off and blessed out by this same woman, but she never stopped being my mother.

As far as my children, they have always supported my progress in Jesus Christ. My biggest fans by far.”Mom I’m so proud of you.”  Are the most inspiring words I could ever hear. I can remember a time when I was a disappointment to my children. That was because I was selfish and did not have Jesus Christ in my life. Today we celebrate life. My oldest daughter will soon give birth to my first grandchild. My son is incarcerated and will be away from home for awhile, but with prayer nothing is impossible. My youngest teenage daughter is worker her way through high school and making plans for college.

I tell all my children as my mom told me, “Do your best, expect the best and don’t worry about the rest.”

But GOD has shown me….. You have to have a relationship with GOD. Surrender those things of the world to have eternal life with HIM.

I’ve had a good life and I live with no regrets. I am encouraged in the way that GOD leads me and I will never doubt my Father.

GOD lives through me to be able to bless those that Love me.

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